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Stimulating Consumers’ Emotions and Connecting Amid the Pandemic

Empathy is a powerful took for marketers seeking to connect with consumers. So reports The Drum.

Thumbs up hand 157251 1280“Try to be helpful, try to be human, try to be empathetic,” says James Manderson, Braze GM and VP success EMEA. Being helpful and kind towards consumers amid this pandemic can go a long way. “The kind of communications that serve brands best when they talk with their customers are those rooted in human experience.”

Data also shows that around 65% of consumers were more loyal to brands that they feel connected with. Treat data with care to make it meaningful for consumers.

“Right now, it's important for people to be useful,” Manderson added. “More established brands need to cut out a lot of the noise, then they can overcome some of those larger systemic challenges that come from being more established to remain connected to their consumers.”

In conclusion, Manderson says that in order for brands to be more effective and human, they need to connect with consumers in a way that will stimulate their emotions, especially amid this pandemic.

Read the full article from The Drum.

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