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CMO Tenure on the Decline Because of Lack of Trust: Study

Why is CMO tenure at its lowest point in the last decade? Marketing agency Boathouse Inc. recently conducted a CMO Study to find out.

handshake 220233 1280Forbes recently spoke to John Connors, CEO of Boathouse, about the study. Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

  • Only about a third of CEO have great confidence in their CMOs (34%) and trust them (32%).
  • 80% of CEOs believe the high CMO turnover is happening because CMOs are failing. In reality, CMOs are not failing at their job.
  • CEOs think CMOs priorities are different than their firm’s goals. Many think CMOs are out for themselves. 
  • Much of the reason CEOs believe CMOs are failing comes down to communication.
  • CEOs also think CMOs and the marketing team are “using traditional methods rather than adapting their techniques and using technology to their advantage.”

Connors said CMOs can “repair and strengthen their relationships with the CEO and other members of the C-suite” by examining the way they’re communicating marketing strategies, goals and achievements and ensuring they are “easily understood by the rest of the C-suite.”

Read the full article from Forbes.

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