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LinkedIn’s CMO: 3 Actionable Insights for Success

Melissa Selcher, LinkedIn’s chief marketing and communications officer, shared three actionable insights for success with The Drum.

linkedin 400850 640smallHere are highlights of what she had to say about learnings from the last nine months.

  1. Solve for trust above all else. Be consistent and build a track record to earn trust. In other words, show it, don’t just say it. “During the pandemic, the leaders who have most consistently been turned to as trusted resources were the ones who have consistently invested in building a trusted voice over time,” she told The Drum. “They are the ones who, at least on LinkedIn, are six times more likely than the average LinkedIn user to share content. They ended up being the ones that people turn to during a time of crisis, to learn from and be inspired by.”
  2. Focus on people and business results will follow. “Remember that people are at the heart of what you do,” she said, noting that when the COVID-19 crisis began, leading firms shifted to serving and supporting their employees and customers first.
  3. Stay agile and always keep learning. “One of the things that just immediately jumped on LinkedIn when we hit the pandemic was the amount of learning that started happening on the platform,” she told the publication. “We’re seeing members conduct millions of hours of LinkedIn Learning every week—which has more than doubled year-over-year.”

Read the full article from The Drum.

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